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Established in 2012, the Release2 Inc team is comprised of Relationship Management and Recruitment professionals who have been immersed in the Canadian IT recruitment industry for the past 30+ years. The services being provided to the corporate customer include all facets of the candidate hiring lifecycle, from initial vetting of headhunted talent, ensuring seamless and progressive dialogue between candidate and customer, through to the successful closure of the candidate’s offer. Release2 Inc supports a diverse corporate and candidate customer base established throughout North America.

The Release2 Inc management team.

Deeply rooted in the Canadian IT recruitment sector since the 1980s, the depth of knowledge gained, insight and experience accumulated by Release2 Inc over the past 3 decades are credentials very few firms in the Canadian recruitment sector can bring to the customers table. Expertise delivering highest quality of services touching on both the client relationship practice through to candidate representation capabilities are core skills that each member of the management team will bring to any staffing engagement.

Our Trademark

We are highly adaptive to the ever-changing demands of corporate clients and remaining ahead of the curve in the identification, vetting, and representation of ‘best of type’ technology professionals. This approach continues to be the consistent trademark of Release2 Inc.

Customer-centric Staffing

Our customer-centric staffing model has been crafted over the past 30 years. Embracing a personalized approach during the course of developing customer relationships enables Release2 Inc to provide a highly effective staffing service to all, whether it be established enterprise scale operations or dynamic technology startups.